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lennykravitzpicforic.jpgMy friend (OK, Myspace friend) Lenny Kravitz sent out this bulletin on Myspace today in recognition of International Peace Day.

Dear Friends,
Did you know that Sunday Sept 21st was international Peace Day? Unfortunately it doesn’t get the press it deserves due to the fact that death, fear, and destruction sells and it takes all of our attention. Did you know that the fighting in Afghanistan was halted on peace day for the first time in 30 years to acknowledge this international day of peace? That didn’t get the airtime it deserved either. Well there is a peace movement that is real. Dedicated to creating true and lasting peace through education and activism. I believe there will be a time when the weapons will be silenced.
Go to and see what a man named Jeremy Gilly has done. In honor of the international day of peace I have recorded a new song called “Change.” It’s available to you as a free download on [my] Myspace page. I hope you feel it. I also hope that all of you are well and doing what you can to feel love and compassion. I look forward to more communication with you. I have enjoyed reading your comments and emails thank you for your love!–Lenny

So what do you all think of the new song? Leave your comments below.

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