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TinaFeyPicforIC.jpgThe Emmys is my least favorite award show to watch, mainly because the nominating process is tainted, and rarely do shows that the general public enjoys ever win, much less receive a nomination. But while some are calling last night’s showthe lamest ever, I found a few highlights–as well as unintentionally humorous lowlights in last night’s ceremony.
Did you bother to watch last night’s ceremony, and if you did, leave your comments on it in the box below!
Highlight: Tina Fey giving a smart, pithy acceptance speech in which she explained she always introduces herself at parties as a writer, not an actor, because “people are much less interested in you if you are a writer, which is great.” And she didn’t make a single Sarah Palin joke.
Lowlight: Kathy Griffin’s Sarah Palin joke that I can’t even remember now because it fell flat the second she told it.

Highlight: Steve Colbert and John Stewart deciding to not be political but just funny.
Lowlight: All of the celebs who thought they could be funny and political at the same time.
Highlight: Ricky Gervais had a lot of fun with Steve Carell who picked up Gervais’ Emmy last year for him when Gervais could not attend the ceremony. Gervais hinted that Carell still had Gervais’ Emmy and that he would do whatever it took to get it back.
Highlight of the Highlights: Don Rickles was the funniest celeb on the broadcast last night by far, throwing out razor-sharp barbs at himself, the Emmys, and anyone who caught his eye in the audience. When Kathy Griffin tried to hurry Rickles along and get him to use the teleprompter, Rickles summed up the evening by rolling his eyes arnd wryly saying “Oh , yeah, let’s return to the teleprompter” for comedic material.
I am sure most viewers rolled their eyes right along with him. A little improv could have only made the heavily-edited, overstuffed-with-montage evening a little funnier.
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