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After declaring it officially Vampire Week on Beliefnet yesterday (even though we really know that it’s Vampires 4eva and I will have to continue posting after the release of “Breaking Dawn”–because won’t we all want to discuss?), I was happy to see that I am definitely not alone in my obsession.
In fact, thanks to several comments from yesterday, I was made aware that there are a large number of Twilight fans who are all about family values and fangs: “Twilight Moms“. (The site also apparently doesn’t discriminate if you are not actually a mom, but are of mom-age, so maybe they’ll accept me into their ranks?) A bit about Twilight Moms (from their website):

“DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight? Is your house a disaster with piles of piles of laundry in every corner and stacks of dirty dishes at record breaking heights? Have you imagined your husband is a vampire (or werewolf) and suddenly have the libido of newlywed again?…Oh, you feel guilty, but that’s not enough!…The good new is–YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Fans of the Twilight Series in OUR STAGE of life (whether you’re a mom or not) now have a place where we can gather unashamed of our irrational obsession with vampires and werewolves. We have a place where “our kind” can relate without having to wade through all the teenage Internet code mumbo jumbo like “OMG!!! IMHO Edward is sooo Hawt!!!”

(But we can all agree that, truly, Edward is a hottie, right?)
Twilight Moms is fantastic, fun, and it is filled with interviews with the actors and actresses in “Twilight: The Movie” (Who got that fun job among all of you?) among other fun things-Twilight.
Coming soon for Vampire Week on Beliefnet: Twilight Trivia quiz, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, Favorite Twilight Quotes…and MUCH MORE!

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