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Yesterday fellow Idol Chatter blogger Esther posted about Sherri Shepherd’s comments in a magazine interview about her painful past–including having abortions. But, of course, what’s making the rounds on the web today is not the part of the interview where Shepherd expands on those comments, it’s video of Shepherd publicly apologizing to Barbara Walters on “The View” for a comment she made about “laying hands” and “saving” her. I have interviewed Shepherd several times and though some may not like her theology, I have always found her to be transparent and vulnerable about her faith. So it irks me that she had to apologize for it. She didn’t make a bigoted comment against someone else’s religion, she just expressed her faith experience in a lighthearted manner. Yet she had to ( well, she says she didn’t have to, but I doubt that) apologize anyway. So much for different points of view.You can watch part of the segment on ‘The View” here:

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