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holyhiphoppicic.jpgThe streets of Jerusalem have been known for centuries: from the stones that speak ancient rhymes to people from different religions as well as for its prophets and would-be prophets, its farmers-turned-kings, and shepherds-turned-leaders. And on Friday afternoon (on which most people don’t work–it’s like an American Sunday), most people are running around town trying to get to all the stores they need to get to before they all close for the Jewish Sabbath. Eateries and bars which want to keep their kosher certification are not open on Shabbat, and often shutter their doors at the close of their gangbuster business on Thursday night, and prepare for the post-Sabbath crush of company and demand. But the thing about Jerusalem is that it keeps on surprising you.Today, while half the city was scurrying around looking for last-minute Sabbath purchases, some from the other half were at one of the “non-certified” bars for a “block party”: drinking beer by noon, listening to Rebel Sun, a Jerusalem-based rapper (and lead vocalist for local band Coolooloosh), spin old school music, as Jerusalem’s kids spent their Friday afternoon breakdancing. At the bar, Zabotinski (named after Zionist leader Vladimir Zev Jabotinsky) some of the dancers worked better on their own, others in duos…and there was at least one team of hip-hop dancers in their teens, wearing matching t-shirts with the name of their troupe (B’Beat, which means “on the beat” in Hebrew). Watch some video of the festivities below.

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