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son_of_rambow_filmstillfori.jpgIf you’re like me and you’re already burned out on CGI-laden blockbusters at the cineplex, I have the perfect movie anecdote for you— though it may be hard to find. The coming-of-age story “Son of Rambow” is in limited release at the moment, but this delightful tale will no doubt find a wider audience this summer as the critical raves— including one from our very own Movie Mom–continue to mount. “Son of Rambow” is being compared to classic adolescent movies such as “Stand by Me,” but it has its own unique language and style and is the most refreshing movie I have seen in awhile

Every coming-of-age story features an unlikely duo who become friends. In this case the duo is a sheltered, sweet boy named Will and a con-artist troublemaker, Lee Carter, who is reminiscent of the Artful Dodger from “Oliver Twist.” Will comes from a family who is part of a strict religious sect and he is not allowed to watch movies, TV, or do anything fun. Lee, on the other hand, is only loosely supervised by his older brother because his parents are often absent. Despite these differences, the two bond over the desire to make a movie and enter it into a contest. Their cinematic inspiration? Rambo.
“Rambow” captures the 80s era perfectly, and is clever, funny, and sweet, without being snarky, sappy, or dumb. More importantly, this movie has a lot to say about the spiritual need for play and imagination in all of our lives.
So give your soul a little lighthearted nourishment and find “Son of Rambow” if you can. I promise you that it the original Rambo was never this entertaining.

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