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RELIGULOUS-frontIC.jpgAs you may have read in Sherry Huang’s Idol Chatter post yesterday, a new parody website,, has just launched. Designed as a marketing tool promoting Bill Maher’s upcoming documentary, “Religulous”–which will explore the problems with religion in the world– the site is essentially an Onionified version of Beliefnet.
I recently received an email “prayer card,” promoting the movie, with an image of Bill Maher looking Christ-like, with a crown of thorns upon his head, and some “Questions to Ponder” on the back. They include:

When a plane goes down, was it God’s will for everyone on board to die that day? And if so, how did he book them all on the same flight?
Adam and Eve had two sons. Who did they marry and have children with?
What if God is busy and your prayers are being answered by some guy in Bombay?

So what do you think? Do you plan on seeing the movie when it opens in the fall?

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