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nicole-kidman.jpgThe new Andrew Morton book about Tom Cruise has mostly gotten attention for its controversial claims about Cruise’s Scientologist beliefs. However, the book also sheds light on the beliefs of Cruise’s ex-wife, actress Nicole Kidman.
The book alleges that when the Church of Scientology first courted the couple, they sensed that Kidman would be “a problem” due to her deep connection to Catholicism and her interest in her father’s profession, psychiatry (Scientology is outspoken in its refusal to accept psychiatry).

It seems that Kidman’s Catholic beliefs are steadfast. She and current husband Keith Urban were wed in a traditional Catholic ceremony in their native Australia, and it has been reported that the star, who is now pregnant, plans to raise her child in the Catholic faith. Most interesting of all, Morton’s book claims that Kidman was so distraught after her divorce from Cruise that she considered becoming a nun. She allegedly looked into convents in Australia that would accept women who had been married. In the past few centuries, it was common for women to enter convents after becoming widowed, and in a way Kidman becoming a nun could have tied into this practice.
Alas, Sister Nicole was not to be–but the acting world is more than happy to have her.

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