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britneyadnan.jpg“Britney’s Shocking Decision” tempts the cover of OK! Weekly‘s cover this week. Apparently, we dear readers are supposed to be stunned – absolutely stunned — by the fact that Brit-Brit is trying to get pregnant again so that she can have a little one that the courts haven’t yet taken away. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that one coming, even before the recently published pictures of the pop star and her married paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, purchasing home pregnancy test they were just picking up for a “friend.”
However, the rest of the cover’s callout did shock me a bit as the mag teased that Spears was planning to convert to Islam for her married lover. I didn’t see that one coming.
The good Baptist gal has dabbled in Kabbalah, been blessed at a Hindu ceremony and was most recently seen praying at the Little Brown Church in Van Nuys, but has reportedly told friends that “… she’s willing to adopt Adnan’s Islam faith.” Since OK! is citing Britain’s News of the World as its source, I’m somewhat dubious of the claim; then again, it’s not much wackier than therapists suggesting that Britney’s involvement with the paparazzo is a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

But while it may seem improbable, it might be the perfect thing for Britney. I have no knowledge of how practicing Adnan is, but the structure and modesty requirements of Islam might do Britney some good. I’m not talking burqas here, but even a very loose interpretation of hijab — the Islamic principle of modesty that covers behavior as well as dress for both sexes — would certainly spare us more cringe-inducing pictures of her naughty bits. (Of course, her conservative Christian background doesn’t seem to have hampered the hijinx thus far.)
Sure there are plenty of other faiths that could offer the celebrity some stability. Heck, at this point, I’d say let the Scientologists have a go, but they’d not allow the psychiatric medications she so clearly needs. But Britney converting and marrying the shutterbug will reportedly bring Adnan back into his father’s good graces after having been disowned.
Getting married to Ms. Spears in her current condition could possibly curry favor with estranged family? Now that is shocking.

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