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twenty_seven_dresses.jpgFinally, a fun (if formulaic) romantic comedy hits theaters after what seems an awfully long dry spell. It’s no shock that Katherine Heigl (recently, a real life blushing bride herself) lights up the screen and the humor in “27 Dresses” as Jane–“always the bridesmaid, never the bride”–the maid of honor of choice for what seems like every woman Jane has ever met. James Marsden as Kevin, a writer who rather accidentally ends up vying for Jane’s heart, shines as the perfect romantic lead.
“I’m the Jesus of bridesmaids,” Jane quips with an eye roll and a biting, self-deprecating tone, after modeling quite a unique runway show for Kevin.

She’s just tried on 27 bridesmaids dresses in all their hideous, comedic glory for a shocked Kevin, who can’t get over the existence of a woman who would wear such attire, even for friends, and plan everyone else’s happiness but her own. Jane evokes herself as Jesus as she realizes just how selfless she’s been on behalf of everyone but herself when it comes to love–even for her sister Tess, who’s about to marry the man Jane loves–so selfless that she has no life or love to speak of. Kevin’s role is to become the mirror that Jane needs–facing her with the harsh reality that she’s lives for everyone else–but also to be that guy who finally turns her head.
Audiences already know what the end will bring before the movie even begins, and the romantic storyline is as traditional as it gets (it’s a race to the altar, people, and the gender stereotypes abound!). But that shouldn’t stop people from seeing this light-as-a-feather romance. Heigl is a bona fide star–both stunningly beautiful and amazingly accessible at once. She’s not quite Julia Roberts (then again, who is ever as winning as Julia Roberts?), but she comes close and is wonderful to watch. And it’s nice to see James Marsden finally get to be the guy wanted, rather than the “other guy” as he’s been cast in the past as with X-Men and most recently “Enchanted.”
A must-see for anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy.

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