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scott_baio2%20%5B320x200%5D.jpgI’ve always been curious as to how “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge” star Scott Baio managed to nab the hottest women in Hollywood. From Heather Locklear to Pamela Anderson, the perennial playboy never lacked for female companionship; but I could never figure out why. Baio doesn’t have typical leading-man looks, hasn’t had a hit show in years and stayed out of the headlines, so what was the attraction? I thought that watching last year’s “Scott Baio is 45 and Single” — wherein the Lothario is given an ultimatum by his girlfriend and hires a life coach to help him stop being a commitment-phobe — would give me some insight into his ability to attract the opposite sex.
While I’m still scratching my head as to why women are attracted to him in the first place, I began to understand why he hadn’t managed to snag any of them permanently: Scott Baio is a a giant walking id. He does and says exactly what he’s thinking. Which is great for the bachelor life, but not always so good for relationships.
But, having come to the conclusion at the end of ’45 and Single’ that he did, indeed, wish to marry Renee, he’s hit with an even bigger whammy — Renee’s pregnant! So now we find Baio in full freak-out mode. After 46 years of singledom, he finally decides he’s ready to settle down and he’s hit with an instant family.

He calls on his group of buddies to talk it out, two of whom are married and his single, former wing-man Johnny V. who has had a difficult time adjusting to Scott’s decision to marry. As Scott openly expresses his terror at the impending responsibility heading his way, his language is still a bit crass, but also a bit revelatory. He is speaking a truth that many men probably feel but are never comfortable expressing; mourning the loss of a carefree lifestyle they love. Maybe it’s this brutal honesty that makes him so attractive, as compared to men who indulge in a bit of dating deception.
For instance, Scott takes his married friends’ advice and officially asks Renee for her hand in marriage only to have Johnny V. decide that he too must be married so that he isn’t left out of the club, so to speak. Cut to Johnny at dinner with Scott and Renee explaining that he’s been Internet dating and when his date shows up they should just play along with anything he says since he might have told some little white lies.
When the date arrives, Johnny starts talking like an old Yiddish man; mitzvah-ing this and oy vey-ing that. Scott and Renee are flabbergasted and when Renee asks his date to accompany her to the ladies room, Scott asks, “When did you become Rabbi Schmuley?” Seems Johnny has been hitting up JDate looking for marriage material. Either having sensed or having been told by Renee that all is not kosher, the date leaves before she has even finished her salad. Oy vey, indeed.
Later in the show, I’m still stunned by the unedited thoughts coming out of Baio’s mouth when, feeling the pressure of moving into a new house with a new fiancee and a baby on the way, he goes to confession at a local Roman Catholic church and asks if it’s a sin to hope that your fiancee gets in a pile-up on the freeway because you are tired of her always calling on you for help moving things and not being able to make decisions about paint colors.
The priest, who I give points to for not immediately calling Baio a jackass, tells him that he really needs to talk to Renee about such feelings. When he finally does, Renee tells him that it’s perfectly normal that he should be scared and that it’s ok. He’s completely taken aback that she’s so level-headed, even while pregnant, and begins to really appreciate what a mature relationship can be. Until. of course, the next episode ….

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