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winehouserehab2.jpgIn the world of pop culture blogging and Google Image searching, you learn some valuable lessons. Firstly, there are way too many photos of Britney Spears on the internet. (And some of them are “not safe for work.”) But second to that lesson is if you’re searching for “Amy Winehouse,” adding the word “rehab” to the search doesn’t help narrow down the results. Part of this is because of Amy’s song, “Rehab,” where she reports that “they tried to make me go to rehab, and I said, no, no, no.” But now she’s said “yes” to rehab, after input from Amy Winehouse has finally said “yes” to rehab, reports Yahoo! News.

“Amy decided to enter the facility today after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors,” Winehouse’s record company, Universal Music Group, said today in a statement to reporters. “She has come to understand that she requires specialist treatment to continue her ongoing recovery from drug addiction.”
[…]The statement also indicated Winehouse still planned to attend and perform at the Grammys, to be held Feb. 10 in Los Angeles.

Every time I express my opinion about what a troubled celebrity should do, someone jumps down my throat. Still, if I were Amy, and going into rehab, I’d want to seriously commit to the process, no matter how long it takes, Grammys be darned. But then again, I’d have fewer tattoos, too. So who am I to judge? A full and speedy recovery to Ms. Winehouse.

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