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winehouse_idol.jpgAmy Winehouse may not want to go to rehab, but how about to a rabbi? reports that the manic depressive soul singer and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, are turning to Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin, director of Drugsline a London-based, non-denominational service that “offers a full substance abuse programme for users, their families and concerned friends.”
The popular singer has been plagued by drug problems, which she hasn’t tried to hide, and which she’s used as for inspiration in her music.
And this isn’t the first time Winehouse considered something of a Jewish nature to help her through an important personal situation. Although there was much talk awhile back that Winehouse would marry her then-boyfriend in a traditional Jewish wedding and that he would convert, the couple held an intimate event on Miami Beach instead. (Perhaps the couple just couldn’t find a chuppah tall enough to accomodate Winehouse’s trademark bouffant hairdo.)

Perhaps, after the most recent overdose and/or cutting drama, Winehouse has decided to not only heal physically, but spiritually as well. Maybe she’ll take advantage of Drugsline’s counsellors who are trained to cater to the specific needs of both Jewish and Muslim communities, the organization’s website states, that share many of the same cultural taboos about drugs.
Who knows if Winehouse will listen to a rabbi after already ignoring the advice of her own father-in-law, but we certainly agree with when they say “Meth is definitely treyf.”

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