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castingcrownspromopicforgiv.jpgIt’s no surprise that the soundtrack for “High School Musical 2” is at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart this week, but what will no doubt cause a stir with at least some music industry execs is the album that debuted in the second slot–Casting Crowns’ new release “The Altar and the Door.” This makes the Christian group the highest new release on the chart this week and will no doubt blur the lines even further between the (increasingly irrelevant) subculture of contemporary Christian music and the mainstream arena.
While I–along with many other Idol Chatter readers, it seems–am a big fan of their music, what frustrates me about such news is the increasing paradox between what is happening in the music industry regarding speaking to issues of faith, and what is happening in the film industry regarding speaking to issues of faith. While Christian music groups are finding more and more ways to seamlessly become a part of mainstream pop culture, Hollywood–too often with help from Christians–is intent on relegating Christians to a new subculture by creating new, low-rent religious film labels like “Fox Faith” and others.
I guess this means that wihile the music industry seems to be getting the message that many consumers are just fine with mixing excellent art with a Christian worldview, the film industry hasn’t figured out yet that many church-going ticket buyers aren’t going to put up with second-rate product and second-rate marketing all in the name of faith.

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