Idol Chatter

For “Onion” fans out there who also appreciate all things religious, you’ve got to read this. This week, “The Onion” has a hilarious faux-story about a man who posted a “modern-day” 95 Theses (think Martin Luther), in the form of “95 Comment Cards” nailed to the front door of a South Dakota IHOP.

Just to tempt you to check it out–here are a few winner pancake “theses”:

  • “IHOP has grown weak on powdered sugar and fruity garnishes, forsaking the righteousness of its original rib-sticking mission.”
  • “IHOP is about pancakes, not syrups. No pancake can exist drowned in a pool of lingonberry. No man who comes hungry can leave happy on artificial orange-flavored goo.”

    Please read “Modern-Day Martin Luther Nails 95 Comment Cards To IHOP Door” for a good laugh today.

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