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I spent most of last night’s “Heroes” season finale half-cowering under the covers, worrying that one of my favorite new super-powered friends wouldn’t make it to see another season. It was a nail-biter in other words.

Would Hiro Nakamura–television’s most adorable, idealistic character ever–survive his mission to take out the brutal serial hero-killer Sylar? Would Ando, his faithful sidekick, risk his own life to save the world, despite the fact that he is not “a hero” (at least not officially)? Before night’s end would Sylar take yet another life? And even though Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet can regenerate, could they really survive the nuclear holocaust they spent the entire season trying to stop–should they fail to “save the world”?

Last night’s episode was one of the best ever–especially with Hiro finally embracing that he is, in fact, a hero who can do what it takes when necessary. It was the highlight of the season. That is, until the last five minutes when Peter Petrelli’s destiny was revealed and Nathan, his brother, suddenly does an about face after months of being (mostly) a jerk.

Just before New York City is about to be blown to bits, Peter has a vision of sorts, where he is told that it is Peter, and not his brother Nathan the politician, who has what it takes to heal the world. Peter learns that he is to be the world’s salvation. And what, exactly, does Peter have that makes him so special (in additional to all those amazing powers)? He has a unique heart. He loves unconditionally. And it is that kind of heart and unconditional love that will save the world and save him from turning into someone like Sylar.

Sound familiar? Harry Potter anyone? Peter’s vision could have come straight out of Dumbledore’s pensive, with Dumbledore revealing to Harry that it is his ability to love unconditionally that will allow him to triumph over Voldemort.

Am I totally alone in thinking that this “Heroes” last-minute twist was a bit lame? And that in a total about-face, Nathan Petrelli, who was perfectly willing to let millions die in New York City so he could become president, really could have that drastic a change of heart, so much so that he gave his life to save the same city he was about to let fry?

Maybe I’m being too cynical. In the end, it all felt overly simple. And after an entire season of buildup, the sudden resolution of the nuclear holocaust felt just too easy.

But then, Season Two will see the return of Hiro (for sure), Claire, Parkman (hopefully), and Jessica/Nikki at the very least. Nathan is gone (I think–but then, maybe he flew away just before Peter exploded?). Whether or not Peter survives is up in the air. And Sylar–thought to be dead–seems to have gotten away yet again. And then Molly (a young little new hero) spoke of knowing another “hero” even worse than Sylar–perhaps next year’s ultra-villain?

Regardless of my last minute disappointment, I’ll definitely be back next year.

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