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Furthering the conspiracy theory that Christians are scewing the results of this year’s “American Idol” finale, the song that won this year’s first-ever “American Idol” songwriting contest and sung by finalist Blake Lewis was written by a longtime Christian music recording artist Scott Krippayne and his pastor. The song, a cheesy ballad that makes last year’s theme song, “You’ve had a bad day,” look clever, will be sung by the winner on their debut album.

Did Blake’s weak performance of a really mediocre song ruin his chances of winning the competition? Or will having a singer with Christian roots–Jordin Sparks–be the perfect choice to make that song a hit if she wins “Idol” which will help Krippayne’s career soar as well?

I guess these are the earthshaking questions you diehard Idol fans will be tuning in tonight to find out.

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