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I am happy to report at least one bit of good news about the end of Smallville’s Season Six: the CW network finally released to fans their re-ups for next season which include “One Tree Hill,” “Supernatural,” and “Smallville.” Fans like me were worried that “Smallville” would go the way of “Gilmore Girls,” never to be seen again—despite the fact that after a couple of down seasons, the show seemed to regain its footing this year. I was happy to read there would be a Season Seven in the young Clark Kent’s future.

That is, until last night’s final episode.

The season finale saw the possible death of its two major heroines, Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan, the first of which has long played Clark Kent’s true love interest throughout the series, and the second, Chloe, his faithful best friend and sidekick. After finally leaving a terrible marriage to Lex Luther, which prevented her long-awaited reunion with Clark, Lana gets into her car and it explodes. There was no sign that she got out. And in an attempt to help her cousin Lois Lane after a stabbing, Chloe’s elusive meteor rock “ability”—still unclear to her and Clark—may have swapped her life for Lois’s, leaving the newly healed Lois to pray that Chloe might be still alive.

My fear about these two shocking developments? That in the writers’ and producers’ attempt to finally let Clark Kent “become Superman”—an event that many fans have long-called for in the series—they somehow felt they needed both Lana and Chloe (known for her long time crush on Clark) out of the way so that Lois and Clark could finally become, well, Lois and Clark. So it’s very possible that fans have seen the last of Lana and Chloe, as they were sacrificed for a “higher purpose” it seems.

That’s my theory anyway. And I’m not happy about it. Alas, until next season…

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