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“King of Queens” star, and prominent Scientologist, Leah Remini is denying that there’s anything to her friendship with music/movie star Jennifer Lopez other than wanting to hang out with “a fabulous girl.” Recent reports not only have Remini trying to convert Lopez to Scientology, but advising “Jenny from the Block” that Scientology would improve her chances of getting pregnant. The former Quaker State pitch-woman called the claims “bulls—t” and told People magazine, “I think Jennifer knows how to get pregnant.”

Well, she certainly knows how to get married….

“I would never question, ‘Such-and-such is hanging out. Does anybody know her religious beliefs? Because that’s why they’re probably hanging out together,'” the actress continued. Remini’s comments make sense. If J. Lo was going to convert, wouldn’t it be due to her father’s influence, who has been a Scientologist for over 20 years?

It’s always seemed a contradiction to me that such an outspoken woman would be a member of such a hush-hush religion, but I’m glad to hear that the Brooklyn-bred babe is speaking out with her usual aplomb remarking that she too is “fabulous to hang out with.”

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