How Great Thou Part

John McCain chose a political party but first and foremost he chose to be an American.

In this nation’s Capital where people with differing opinions must break bread and come together for critical solutions, McCain was a champion.

He demonstrated the ability to see contradictory opinions and various backgrounds as a part of a whole rather than the entire slice of this great country.


There was not necessarily right and wrong but rather a variety of opinions, needs, situations, and crisis to tackle in order to keep this United States just that – UNITED.

John McCain was a patriot but most importantly he was an individual with a strong value system who truly valued others.

Political affiliations aside, there is much to be learned by his work and a life genuinely well lived.

7 Things John McCain Taught Us About Relationships


Relationships involve individuals (and individuality) but never lose sight first and foremost of being a part of a larger equation. If you focus on core foundation and values your relationships will remain centered.

When push comes to shove you may differ in person and opinion but you will not sacrifice the wrong things nor lose sight of keeping the relationship grounded and whole.


Relationships will be tested with great emotional wars. But it’s worth remaining rather than surrendering. Not every battle will be won nor should they be. It’s the teamwork and resilience which ultimately stand the test of time and prove relationships stronger together than apart.

Walking away from people is not a sign of strength. Resolving issues and conflict is.


Living outside of a person’s four walls and standing for something greater leads to a selflessness which can only improve a relationship. It is a less self-absorbed version of the world.

Standing for something which unites a couple far beyond their own personal gain and far more meaningful can only help a relationship gain perspective of what’s important.


A dedication to one another is a quintessential relationship characteristic. The outside world will always bring challenges and adversity and therefore, it’s critical to have a devotion to one another which is unshakable.

Exhibiting loyalty means you have the confidence to have someone’s back whether fair or foul weather.


The world is full of varying opinions and beliefs. They are not something to be fought but rather a celebration of individuality. There is no one right or wrong way. There are just different ways.

Allowing each person to be who they are means they are fully apart of a relationship rather than fully controlled by another in a relationship. 


There is a beauty in diversity, not a threat. It isn’t a forum for conflict but rather a forum for robust conversation and education. No one way is necessarily the right path. The goal is figuring out a way to bring all of the paths together and intersect.

If one individual can show another the way to a new point of view it can be enlightening not frightening.


Every person should be allowed their own opinion rather than talked out of it. It is possible to disagree with passion rather than anger.

Ultimate confidence without the presence of ego means allowing someone to be entirely who they are even if they have an entirely different worldview. 

John McCain was unbelievably passionate about his own beliefs but incredibly tolerant of those of others.

One of the most notable examples was the woman who negatively commented about Barack Obama and McCain famously spoke the words now paraphrased – Obama was a great man the two of them just had differing opinions. 

Ultimately what McCain demonstrated was the ability to possess great confidence minus any type of ego.

The best relationships involve authentic confidence.


An incredible ability to fully and passionately live one’s own purpose while never needing to clip the wings of others.

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