There is a profound beauty in angels, both in their spiritual glory and what they represent to human beings.

Angels surround us here on earth.

They are spiritual beings, messengers of God sent to watch over us, guide us, pray with us and protect us.


The word angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos meaning messenger. It is often referenced that the word angel attests to what they do and the word ‘spirit’ to who they are.

These divine messengers are our guardians.

We can pray to them to ask for their help or their intercession.

Perhaps some of the most beautiful angel portraits I have seen are those of artist VJ Schmitt.

Her extraordinary use of color is shall we say divine. But perhaps what is most striking is the profoundly muscular form of her angels.

This is due to Schmitt’s passionate feelings of these supremely celestial beings.

In her own words, “Angels are warriors. They are light and the most amazing light. There is an opportunity every day to interact with our angels. When we get stuck in our clay feet and focus down on the ground instead of up to heaven, we lose the magic which has been given to us. We elevate ourselves when we take the time in a secure and calm place and let our spirit which is really the Godly part of us, say this is beyond me. I just want to experience the love and I need to have help with that. This is where the angels come in. In a place of love, you have your arms and hands open. You are looking to give and receive gifts.”


Schmitt takes the often ethereal portrayal of angels and combines it with the vivid strength which accompanies these protectors of humanity.

And the result is breathtaking.

A true visual of the strapping spiritual source angels represent to believers. 

One portrait is of Archangel Michael wrapping his body around the Earth he so lovingly cradles in his hands. This is Schmitt’s interpretation of “Michael protecting the earth while ridding the earth and its inhabitants of toxins associated with fear.”

Another is of Water Archangel Ariel and another fire angel is Archangel Uriel.

These strong angels stand ready and willing to help us when we call upon them.

The times when we find ourselves hurting and in need of comfort.

Fire_Guardian_300x951One other inspiring visual Schmitt offers… 

Imagine a church and high upon the rafters the angels sit perched just waiting and willing to hear from us and come to our aid. 

We just need to look up and ask for their help.

The angels want to support us. 

God does his work through them and created them to support his love for us.

We each have our very own guardian angel and many other angels who walk with us daily.

In Schmitt’s words, “Think of our angels in terms of people looking to pick up day jobs – day laborers – not necessarily ‘assigned’ to us but rather the greater collective ‘us.’ Waiting for us to ask and employ them to help our hearts heal, carry messages, bring joy to others, and help send us symbols of hope. 


There is a profound comfort in knowing we are surrounded by our angels.

Angels are a tenant of our faith. 

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule, to guide.”

Grace between the cloud and the moon. An angel Schmitt calls Embrace the New Dawn.

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