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One of the greatest divorce challenges is re-entering the workforce for those individuals who chose to stay home and raise their children.

In fact, it’s the reason I have penned and not yet finished one of my columns tentatively titled “Don’t Ever Call Me a SAHM.”


Reading the following Harvard Business Review article recently posted on Linkedin may prompt me to finish it sooner. Pay particular attention to the ending of this piece which is excellent and reinforces this outdated conundrum.

Here’s the thing.

The internet changed the world. 

Old societal norms no longer prevail and subscribing to them demonstrates an antiquated philosophy.

We are a hyper-connected world.

Most parents ‘working’ out of the house watching children are now up to date on fundamental computer technology as well as what could be considered ongoing education in the form of constant digital data. Sure, they may need to learn a new form of social media, spreadsheet, or whatever their particular vocation or profession calls for but they are not irrelevant.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to take a leave of absence to care for an elderly parent, long sabbaticals to travel the world, change jobs frequently, reinvent themselves by switching entire careers, and on and on.

Hence, the hypocrisy in labeling the stay at home parent.

They are simply people who have temporarily ‘switched’ careers.

The digital world is a progressive world.

An open-minded and diverse world.

Employers are missing an opportunity to attain valuable human capital if they are relying on old world views.

Not to mention it would certainly change the landscape of divorce by alleviating these prehistoric judgments.

Individuals and families could move on much faster if the ability to gain great employment opportunities and income lessened the need for immediate financial assistance.

A conversation that still begs attention.

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