How Great Thou Part

The divorce discussion seems to be elevating in Hollywood. 

And not in the typical fashion of announcing the latest couples to fall prey to this relationship malaise.

But rather bringing much-needed awareness to the conversation.


Most importantly, it shows the magnitude of the audience which exists in this arena.

Relationships are precious and they are also difficult. Approximately fifty percent of the population understands how difficult it is to make a marriage not only thrive but survive.

This interesting trio showcase varying aspects of divorce.

The First Wives Club Remake:

This series adaptation of the 1996 film will be set in New York City. It will highlight the spunk and fortitude of several divorcing women while adding a significant dose of revenge and humor.

Look for this to emerge in early 2019.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s and HBO’s Divorce:

In Season Two of HBO’s Divorce the article below highlights the decision to take a softer tone on the subject. Makes sense as Season One emphasized the darkest side of it. This would be the natural eb and flow of the topic. A necessary infusion of deep and dark mixed with light and laughter.

Actor Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction:

Crowe has raised a few eyebrows with his recent decision to not only auction off a few items but label it ‘The Art of Divorce.”

They DO say it’s cleansing to rid yourself of past relationship baggage…


On what would have been your 15th wedding anniversary??!!


Seems like Crowe may be channeling a bit of The First Husbands (I mean Wives) Club.

He managed to remove the ‘sting’ of hinted revenge by donating some proceeds to charity.


And there you have it the makings of what happens when the Hallmark meets Lifetime Movie networks.

All the makings of a good story and then some.

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