How Great Thou Part

With impending freedom, a girl can’t help but think maybe it’s time for a date.

After all, I have a friend who is two years out of her divorce who actually looks younger and more beautiful. I must admit I find a fascination with it. More time has passed yet more beauty surfaces. It certainly makes this chick hopeful.

Joy is the great anti-ager.


And who doesn’t want to look younger?

I certainly do!

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to warm up to the idea.

My divorce journey was just too chaotic and unpredictable and my children were my greatest focus. They definitely did not experience the typical end of a marriage.

I decide there’s no better day to test the waters than after my hair appointment.

Because duh! I can’t make my hair look this great.

I slip comfortably into the role of the brunette opportunist. 

Well, kinda. I tell my friend I will meet her for dinner.

I am opening up to this whole new phase since June is just around the matchmaker corner. 

We chat with a few people we know and meet someone we don’t.

It turns out this handsome and nice divorcing guy grew up in Pennsylvania.

Wow, I went to school in Pennsylvania! This leads me to question what town? What a coincidence! Scranton, the exact same town I spent four years in. Funny, in all the years I left those former coal mining hills this is just the third person I have met who was actually from there. I mention I went to Marywood University and lo and behold he attended the University of Scranton. What another coincidence, the exact same school my husband attended.

Now I am filled with some trepidation but the question begs to be asked…

“Really,” I say. “What year did you graduate?”

I don’t know why I asked.

I certainly sensed what was coming.

Wow! Yet another coincidence the actual year my husband graduated.

By this time, I am at the door.

“What are you doing? Why are you leaving?” exclaims my girlfriend. “I want you to talk to that really cute divorcing guy!”

“Well,” I said. “God either has a ridiculously funny sense of humor or he’s saying danger Will Robinson.”

I mean it’s not like I went to a major university in a major town.

Good story though, right?

I mean, really?

What are the chances??!!

It seems it’s not yet time for me to truly take advantage of a good hair day.

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