How Great Thou Part

While most will be anticipating their June vacations I will be anticipating a different type of respite.

My court date.

I can’t believe it.

There will finally be some resolution to what will end up being a five-year divorce.

I can truly start inching towards my future without the dragging the past along with it.


I spent so much time praying for God to bring a resolution sooner.

Yet, had it not lasted this long I would have remained naive to many facts. My husband effectively would have pulled off the divorce coup of the century. It seems while my marriage counselor kept telling me to self-protect and develop boundaries, God was determined to make sure it happened.

I do not know what the outcome of my June court date will be.

I am wise enough to know a piece of paper doesn’t necessarily stop the unrelenting from continuing to play games.

But it is the freedom, and the new beginning I initially sought finally coming to fruition.

I can say for sure I am a far better person humbled in many ways.

I can say for sure I am stronger only evidenced when I had no other choice.

I can say for sure I am reminded of exactly what is most important in life.

I can say for sure I am once again empowered.

I can say for sure I am even more faithful.

And unbelievably I am incredibly happy again.

I can’t believe I get the blessing of starting over.

The chance to explore new things and opportunities.

The chance to begin the conversation of not just surviving divorce but thriving in divorce.

To examine options for rebuilding the women we are, dating, career, and striving for awareness and healthier relationships. And better yet, it all seems timely. God has lined up the pieces.

Women are stepping out of the shadows of silence.

It is an invigorating and long overdue era. 

And I feel a renewed sense of purpose to continue sharing, caring and striving towards even more enlightenment.

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