I was chatting with a few of my old high school buddies recently and I complimented one of their wives. My friend responded to my comment with additional praise about his wife.

“I love guys who love their wives,” I said.

I feel proud in saying the guys I hung out with in high school are some of the best men I know.

pexels-photo-519691They truly love their wives.

What does that really mean? They are grounded and confident enough to celebrate the women they married. They aren’t looking for something better around the corner.

I think that is beyond sexy.

Something which will undoubtedly make them chuckle and a compliment they will likely say is thirty years too late. But, hey, as they say, better late than never.

This is one of the reasons I have never understood affairs.

No, I am not being the moral majority. As I always say, relationships are not black and white and good people do make bad choices.

I am just saying for me personally, I would never be attracted to someone who isn’t crazy about their wife.

After all, that is what divorce is for.

Why would anyone want to be with someone who is looking for a substitute without first asking for the day off?

For me, it’s a question of friendship and really great relationships include earth shattering buzz words like loyalty, honesty, devotion, and respect. 

I have spent my fair share of time lamenting I did not marry a man who did right by me in marriage or divorce. 

In my case, it did not take an affair to expose I was in a relationship devoid of those earth shattering relationship buzz words.

The other day, I heard from one of those old high school buddies. It seems they read something I posted and were reaching out to say they were worried about me and could they help in any way.

I will never forget that moment – that phone call.

I fought back the tears and joked about what good men I grew up with and how I should have married in-state.

I am spending less time of late pondering how I chose who I chose and got where I got.

And more feeling incredibly blessed that many years ago I was surrounded by confident people who define friendship the way I do.

Men who unlike the out of state guy I chose…

found me too valuable to leave behind.

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