I’ve had a few people ask me if writing about divorce keeps me stuck.

It’s a really good question.

On the contrary, writing about divorce is the one place I feel in control in an out of control divorce. It is cathartic and empowering to open my heart about a topic, many fear to talk about while still others worry may happen to them.


When I first began writing about divorce I never imagined how long I would fight to be free.

I naively believed things would be finalized within a year or slightly over that.

I never imagined this complicated, frustrating, stressful, and painful prolonged journey.

Of course, faith tells me this is a part of my purpose.

The adversity I am supposed to endure and shape into something far more positive.

When I was twelve and scribbling in my Mickey Mouse diary my own musings on life, people, and love I couldn’t have known my future. 

What I did comprehend is I was driven to communicate. That when I looked out into the world, even then I saw a way to connect the dots of love.


I possessed an ability to see through life.

A bit of an irony – thoughts too old for my years nestled within a Disney mouse.

But we are who we are from the very beginning.

While others excelled in school across the board – I advanced in only one subject. The little girl who couldn’t understand a math problem or figure out a science experiment was whisked out of class once a week for a program called Great Books. I would covet receiving those pages and voraciously absorb them bringing me to a reading level three years or more beyond my age.

It never stopped.

My scribbling that is. My love of books and mags. The thoughts I felt compelled to get out.

No, writing about divorce doesn’t keep me stuck. 

It reinforces a purpose I felt from a young age. The internal instincts each of us has yet are gifted with in different ways.

It is still me writing about love, people, and life.

It is still me digging deep enough to cry at times and laugh at others.

And I know…

When I receive an email from a friend asking for privacy.

A reader telling me they now do not feel quite so alone.

A Facebook message at 2:00 a.m. from the divorcing and sleep deprived.

A happily married person telling me they also experienced tough times or now know what someone they love is feeling.

I know I am not stuck.

Life is both beautiful and ugly. It is both easy and hard. It is both complicated and simple.

We can’t only write about the pretty part of life.

Especially when it is ‘LOVE’ – beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking ‘LOVE’ which has the propensity to expose the ugly in all of us.

Nothing has changed.

I’m just communicating with a few more people than Mickey these days.


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