The past few years have presented intricate challenges and infinite blessings.

As we know, the two often accompany one another.

Intricate and infinite…the adjectives of faith.


Spiritual fitness cannot be maintained without them.

I use the word ‘maintain’ rather than ‘achieve’ because it’s a never-ending work out which manifests our best spiritual body.

What I call spiritual bodybuilding

Life is a beautiful workout. 

One that forces us off the couch whether we feel like it or not.

God will keep us fit. 

He is the ultimate personal trainer. Whispering in our ear – more, more. I want more from you. I want more for you.

Our tears the sweat of meeting His challenges.

It’s difficult to work out.

To lose the emotional weight we gain.

It requires a magnitude of faith-filled equipment and human trainers to assist in God’s work.

Enter Beliefnet a spiritual gym.

A place filled with the type of faith-filled abundance to provide a plethora of spiritual interval training.


7 Reasons to Love Beliefnet:


1. Renewing Purpose:

Beliefnet is a community of purpose.

Who are we? What are our gifts? What were we meant to do?

Beliefnet encourages authentically celebrating the individual and how you are meant to touch the world.


2. Enlarging Souls:

Beliefnet doesn’t just fill the soul it enlarges it.

The articles and content meant to promote curiosity, education and perpetual personal meaning.

Beliefnet soothes, supports and sustains the soul.


3. Connecting Kindred Spirits:

There are so many interesting and insightful editors, writers and readers in the Beliefnet community.

All coming together to create a unique spiritual platform.

Beliefnet allows the dehydrated to quench their spiritual thirst in the company of like-minded friends.


4. Celebrating Spiritual Diversity:

All are welcome on Beliefnet. 

It is a place of spirituality not the delineated lines of separate religions.

Beliefnet is a platform celebrating love, respect, tolerance, and faith for all.


5. Mentoring Self-Improvement:

Beliefnet is rooted in two things faith and inspiration.

At any given moment it is an abundant resource to triage individual repair, be it diet, grief, relationships or more.

It is spiritual self-help.


6. Providing Spiritual Refuge:

Beliefnet is not only a faith-filled resource it is a refuge.

A place where readers can feel understood and not alone throughout difficult and often misunderstood times. Where they can read thoughts they were too afraid to share or communicate with a writer who understands.

Beliefnet is a safe place.


7. Spearheading Spirituality:

Beliefnet celebrates everything spiritual in a world continually searching for what that means.

Beliefnet speaks of Angels, Godwinks, and Miracles.

Beliefnet speaks of all that gives life hope and meaning.


In my journey of intricate and infinite, I found my way to Beliefnet.

A safe place for both the writer and the reader in me.

Life is a beautiful workout.

One that forces us off the couch whether we like it or not.

God will keep us fit.

He is the ultimate personal trainer. Whispering in our ear – more, more. I want more from you. I want more for you.


(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

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