I am at a bit of a crossroads. 

Waiting to take that next leap of faith – the new direction my life will be leaning towards.

When this divorce will once and for all be finalized.


No, when I can free this broken relationship which got caught in the proverbial door. 

One that I have been ready to slam for a very long time.

And then, out of nowhere, as God often offers a glimmer of hope.

On the edge of my property, two gorgeous pastel pink stems push through the earth.

I did not plant them. I have never seen them in the close to twenty years I have lived here. Even more surprisingly they seemed to bloom before I noticed their emergence.

But I, the ever believer in signs finds my way towards them to snap a quick pic.

I post on Facebook to ask my talented floral friend what they could be and soon I hear back from both her and another friend.

It seems these are known as ‘Resurrection Lilies.’

They are also given a few other names as well, including Magic Lily, Surprise Lily, Naked Ladies and Pink Flamingo Flowers.

The resurrection, magic, and surprise a nod to the seemingly sudden appearance of this sprout and bloom. The naked is a reference to the fact the flower sits upon a leafless stem.

These are flowers that need little water and therefore, are able to sustain through periods of long drought.

Just before finding my way outside to these miraculously fragrant glimmers of hope, I text a friend. We are tatting (text chatting) back and forth about our own personal restorations. How our tone has changed and we can feel the shift coming in our lives.

How wonder and joy feel are once again becoming the staples we always knew them to be.

As I type away at Wikipedia to determine more about this sign, a smile crosses my face.

It is the time of my own personal resurrection.

A girl who once delighted in all things entertaining and became well known for her ‘Pink Flamingo’ parties.

One who penned a memoir entitled The Naked Wife Makes a Comeback.

Who has always believed in rainbows, butterflies, magic, and surprises.

My supremely talented and sweet floral friend says they are a sign everything will turn out as wonderful as they are.


I believe her.

It feels the time to stash a few buds in the vase and cooler, throw my comeback ‘Pink Flamingo’ party and submit the memoir I have been sitting on.

Maybe with a small edit that is…The Naked Lady Makes a Comeback.

After all, I am shedding that thing called ‘wife’ in favor of a new resurrected life.

(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

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