How Great Thou Part

There is no better emotion than feeling loved.

Love is the life charge that feeds our confidence, security, and happiness.

Finding as many ways as possible to express it can only enrich our heart and our lives.

Of course, we do spend time reminding those special people in our lives about love. We may whisper an ‘I love you’ or text a heart. We may make a special meal or call before an important meeting. We may hug them or squeeze their hand as they walk beside us.


Why not up the proverbial ante?

And get more creative with our love for our spouse, children, parents,  siblings, family, and friends? The more we personalize our unique ‘love’ the more intimate it becomes.

And since love is the true elixir of life, it makes sense to spread and share it in as many ways as possible.

5 Creative Ways to Say I Love You:

1. Game Pieces:

We keep our desks and drawers filled with essentials such as pens and sticky notes. The items we grab for in daily life in order to communicate with each other.

Why not stock those drawers with fun items to convey the average word? 

Or in this case, anything but average words – I LOVE YOU!

Fill a box with scrabble or Monopoly pieces. And better yet, don’t leave them in that drawer. Deposit them in a pretty dish and position it in a place of daily importance, such as the kitchen counter or family room table. A place where they can be referenced often and with ease.

Then without warning, pick the time and day to position those scrabble pieces with the perfect message. Or, take the monopoly pieces and use them to form some special code. Better yet, assign a piece to each loved one. A simple ‘Top Hat’ and ‘Scottie Dog’ out of the dish and side by side on a table says…”One person is sending an I love you to the other.”

There are limitless other possibilities. Go on a scouting trip of board games to choose the perfect one or one(s).

2. Markers on the Mirror:

Sure, lipstick on the mirror has been around for ages but we are not likely to smack it on our own mirrors.

Head to the local office supply store and buy some dry erase markers.

Or a craft store and inquire about what other types of markers they may stock which work best on mirrors.

Find a spot in the bathroom where these are in view of daily living habits. Then wait for a random moment or a birthday, a new job, a tryout, a rough day, a disappointment, etc. and scribble a picture or a few words that express just the love that person needs.

3. A Love Notebook:

Journaling continues to be a popular way to get feelings out and absorbed onto paper. Likewise, many second homes or vacation spots tout guest books – a somewhat ‘communal’ form of journaling.

Why not combine the two?

The ‘journaling’ and the ‘community?’

Buy either a typical spiral-bound notebook or a hard bound family keepsake type journal. The options are fairly limitless, including a hybrid of the aforementioned found at many paper or office supply stores.

This couple of family journal could include special memories or just simple declarations of love.

I love this family because of all the crazy people and outrageous laughs we have!

This was the best birthday ever! I feel so loved!

It could be one comprehensive masterpiece or divided into enough sections for each family member to also have their unique ‘love thoughts.’ Or a combination of both.


4. Special Object:

How about a love mascot?

Maybe there is a unique person, place or thing that binds your family together. A trip to Disney World, a romantic teddy bear won at a county fair, a seashell from a favorite vacation spot, a cartoon character everyone loves, etc.

Find or buy that special object and find a place of importance for it. A bit of an Elf on the Shelf all year long.

The whole family could sit and brainstorm what the ‘love mascot’ should be.

No real central person, place, or thing? No worries. Choose something that will become important to those you love.

After that is accomplished, the central mascot can travel through the house or be left in a special spot. A smaller or different version of it could find its way to a bedside table on the right morning or a suitcase before college.

5. Favorite Candy or Snack:

Sure, everyone has their favorite candy or snack but what about a designated sugary treat for a rare love that’s sweet?

Food has long been a symbol of sharing and expressing love. 

Candy, in particular, is a food that travels easily. It can be tucked into a lunch, stuffed into a backpack or left on the seat of a car. No special reason, just outta the blue.

The good news for today’s health conscious society is a widening selection of healthier alternatives.

There is something for everyone. 

The candy could be personalized or a common favorite or group pick. Just think of the smile that will cross the faces of loved ones as they see a candy or snack and say, “Oh, that candy (snack) is our family fav.”


Love is limitless and thus, so should be the ways to express it.

The sky is the limit.

Let love travel!

Let it be tender and romantic or fun and creative or whatever that special person and special relationship demands.

There is no better emotion than feeling loved.

Love is the life charge that feeds our confidence, security, and happiness.

Finding as many ways as possible to express it can only enrich our heart and our lives.

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