How Great Thou Part

I know a wise Catholic priest I like to call ‘Father Hope.’ I have told him this is how I refer to him because he is such a source of Catholic inspiration in my life. He is both a spiritual giant and a master storyteller.

I turn the sound up on my computer and listen intently to one of his sermons. He speaks (and I paraphrase) of how Jesus led his apostles directly into the storm. Why, would Jesus do that? He knew the storm was coming, yet they still set off. When they are tossed about and frightened, the apostles say simply, “Lord, Save Helpless.”

‘Father Hope’ goes on (again I paraphrase) to say we will all face storms. We will all feel helpless. However, often we let our egos get in the way. God leads us into the storm so we will lean on him. So that we can let go of our egos and pray as the apostles did, “Lord, Save Helpless.” It is in surrendering we will achieve unshakable peace.
He closes with an impactful thought, “You know what it takes for God get through to our hearts? Heartache.”

I am reminded of another one of my favorite ‘Father Hope’ sermons. Where he speaks such a powerful sentence, I take the time to write it down.

“The intersection of our lives and God’s grace is at the point of weakness.” – Father Hope

Those words still bring tears to my eyes. They shed such undeniable beauty in the midst of our ugliest burdens. And remind us God is leading us both in and out of our storms.

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