How Great Thou Part

What happens when respect exists between two people? Not just a romantic couple but friends, acquaintances or even a professional relationship?

Respect could also be explained as mutual admiration.

It is the lack of judging one another but rather accepting, acknowledging and celebrating another individual for exactly who God made them be.

That’s an interesting way to phrase it, isn’t it?

Most people believe they deserve to be right. That they are entitled to their opinion. That this other person has to be wrong. Why can’t they see the world as they see it? They shouldn’t have those emotions or those reactions. Why do they believe differently than we believe?

Because God made them differently.

We are all shaped for a different purpose in life.

Every single person is a unique part of God’s puzzle.

When you think of it that way, how is it any person’s right to tell another how they should feel, worry, believe or act?

Allowing others to be who they are – this means everyone in one’s life. That is with the caveat of people who are severely mistreating another, under the spell of addiction, etc.
Means acknowledging that respect is a God given right.

It means celebrating who God meant us to be while realizing the world would be a boring place lacking many of the miraculous results of God’s work if we were all the same.

The next time you are frustrated by someone not sharing your opinions, step back and think…

How miraculous it is that God made us so individually unique.

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