I just bought a new car. My own car. The first car I have bought by myself since college. You know what I mean, no longer as a couple car.

Imagine my surprise when a radio computer package I signed up for suggested I name my new car AND load pictures of my new car.

My old car now that car deserved a name. It got me four years past what it should have. Isn’t that the kinda car you name? An old one? A loyal one?

And since it’s an old one don’t you give it an old person’s name? Like…


I didn’t name any of my previous cars only after I reflect on it, I think I should have.

There was the ‘I just graduated college and got my first car’ CAR.
There was the “I am finally making good money going to buy what I want kinda car’ CAR.
There was the “I am having a baby and need a safe car kinda car’ CAR.
There was the “I am having another baby and need a bigger car kinda car’ CAR.
There was the “I am over the van and re-emerging as an individual kinda car’ CAR.

And now there is the “I am over him and moving on kinda car’ CAR.

It turns out that AAA did a survey of 10,000 car owners and how they named their cars:

Based on vehicle registration number
Based on the car’s personality
Based on the make and model of the car
Based on the color of the car
In honor of a romantic partner or spouse or a celebrity or child

Hhmmm, I wonder if anyone ever names a car in honor of being emancipated from a romantic partner? You know,

Conscious (Uncoupling)

You get my drift.

Funny, I suddenly feel inspired…to name my new car.

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