How Great Thou Part

The truth? A lot of people stay in unhappy marriages. They convince themselves that the grass isn’t greener. That they’re too old to start over. That everyone has faults and baggage just different ones so a new person will be more of the same or even worse!

It’s hard for people to be honest with themselves. Marriage is a lifetime commitment to the people who believe the vows that they made. It is also a very scary union to leave.

However, there are good reasons to leave an unhappy relationship.

Repeating the Past – There are plenty of marriages where one or two of the spouses simply attracted themselves to familiar personalities and repeated mistakes of the past. The same will more than likely happen to children that grow up with parents that lack awareness to stop a negative cycle of their own past.

Setting a Better Example – All children deserve to see the best example of a relationship as possible. One that is built upon love, respect, forgiveness, tolerance, teamwork and good communication. This should be the biggest priority a parent should have.

Making Sure Children Know Their Real Parent – An unhappy marriage changes people. They may become bitter, distant, resentful, lack joy, etc. Children deserve to spend their life with the best possible version of their mother and father. They should have the luxury of meeting the happy parent that brought them into the world.

Preventing Even More Damamge – A prolonged unhappy marriage can bring significant harm to a child. It can stress them, make them anxious, worry them and more. A marriage may be unhappy only a child should not.

Illustrating a Better Example of Love – It’s proven that children do not duplicate the love they felt from each of their parents when they pick a life partner. They model the relationship that they saw between two parents. It is better to see two happy, loving parents apart from one another than to see two parents mistreating one another.

To Grow as a Person – A fair amount of people can live in denial about their situations and the growth it would require to exit them. Life should be a continual journey of emotional and spiritual health and an unhappy marriage keep a person stagnant in other areas of their lives.

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