How Great Thou Part

Relationships are complicated, yet so uncomplicated at the same time. They seem easy so individuals jump in feet first and take off. The fact of the matter is that after take-off there is usually not much of an emotional flight plan.

Think about that for a moment.

In careers, individuals chart a path and what it will take to achieve professional goals and/or success.
In a family, individuals chart a path and what it will take to purchase a home, have children, retire, etc.
In education, individuals chart a path and what it will take to obtain a degree/certifications.

It is fascinating that the centering aspect of most lives, our relationships, lack the focus, attention and plan which they deserve.

The following are 6 Relationship Boosters to help chart a path in this emotional flight plan:

Faith – Faith reminds us of what is most important in life and it is not the next purchase, winning an argument or work. It is living a God-centered life with family, the people we love and values coming first. A relationship is given a stronger chance of staying on course when guided by God. Faith serves as a constant reminder that though we are human and may argue, possess flaws and stumble, none of that really matters if we have the ability to reign ourselves back in and remember what is most important. This type of faithful reflection centers relationships because it allows relationships to remain the centered focus of life where they belong.

Exercise – It is far easier to love another when we love ourselves. Exercising together is an extremely healthy outlet. It is hobby, healthy and his/hers rolled into one. There is a physical aspect to relationships so working out together has obvious relationship benefits. It also reinforces necessary individual attention, taking care of one’s self, and staying healthy and strong. A strong, confident individual can equal a stronger relationship.

Intimacy – Individuals do not thrive without intimacy; however most people think in terms of physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is crucial for a happy relationship. People need to feel heard, understood, and safe. They need to feel as though they can share anything with their partner in life. It is easy to begin to live parallel lives as relationships mature, but one should not lose sight of shared time, secrets, and hopes and make time to keep that emotional connection super strong. An individuals partner in life should be their emotional refuge.

Social Restrictions – There is nothing better and healthy than the shared communion of friends and community. However, as the saying goes “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.” A relationship needs to pare down their social commitments if the scale has tipped in favor of other people rather than the relationship itself. It is a constant balance to include social activities and others without neglecting one another. A good rule of thumb would be to schedule relationship time in the same manner as outside social commitments are scheduled.

Counseling – Counseling seems to be what couples in crisis turn to. The fact is, counseling can be preventive health care for relationships. It can reinforce respect, understanding and communcation. It can help a couple grow together rather than hinder one another with pettiness and unresolved conflict. The fact is that many relationships end because one partner emotionally outgrows the other. This is a solid argument for counseling. It just may take the reversal of how many see counseling as a weakness rather than the strength that it truly is.

Shared Hobbies – A shared hobbie just provides extra insulation for a relationship. It provides one more piece of common ground that two people can share. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to share laughter, joy, and accomplishment in the same area. What could be better?

These are just a few relationships boosters that will bring two people to a more desirable location.

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