How Great Thou Part

I am on Facebook chatting with my friend. I realize we have a friend in common. So I waste no time letting her know this ‘small world’ happy coincidence.

Only my friend, I’ll call her “Aspen” reminds me that I have actually, already had this epiphany quite some time ago.

“Ugh,” I private message her back. “Divorce has me stressed and seriously absent of memory. Ugh (again)”

In my defense, it has been a very long time since we have lived in the same town and therefore, long ago, that I discovered this fact.


This divorce memory thing – it’s real. In fact, it needs a name so I will call it ‘Divorce Dementia.’

Go ahead laugh, but anyone who has been through divorce will say it’s a true occurrence. An actual phenomenon.

How does it start?

Well, it’s a slow build.

First, it’s pain related, stress ‘divorce dementia.’ The kind that’s built on ‘Oh no, how could this happen to me? To us?’ The kind that’s festering with tears, coffee sobs and wine whining…All pain!

And then it grows as your mind layers the pain with stress related questions…

Are my kids okay?
How will I make enough money?
Should I move?
Should I stay?
Will moving traumatize my children?
What job should I take?
Should I change careers?
How long will my car last?
How will I afford a new car?
How will college tuition get paid?

Then you mix in the stress induced, sleep deprivation and normal life occurrences, such as, malfunctioning dishwashers, cars breaking down, basement floods, etc. and there it is – ‘Divorce Dementia.’

Another complimentary bonus of the comprehensive divorce package.

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