How Great Thou Part

I stare at my Christmas tree. The New Year now in full swing, it is time to yank the ornaments off the tree and pack the Christmas boxes away. I think about the evolution of divorce. I no longer feel the ghosts of Christmas past. I now feel the hope of Christmas future.

I don’t think there has been a New Year that I have been readier for in quite some time.

I can’t help, but laugh about my first Christmas while divorcing. I remember dragging the Christmas tree down my driveway in triumphant defiance. As I made my way down the driveway, I smiled and thought – “I don’t need a man. I got this!”

My sister’s laughed out loud while I recounted the story over tea.

“So,” my sister said. “This is your big moment of emancipation? You pajama clad, dragging a tinsel, toting tree to the curb??”

“Well,” I responded at the time. “It was freezing AND it IS a very, long driveway!”

This year I have the tree dragging handled and am focusing on bigger and better things.

I am planning a much bigger display of triumphant defiance.

I am planning my personal comeback.

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