How Great Thou Part

My car nurses a flat tire, so I decide that this combined with Friday gives me license to crawl through my morning. I typically write in silence (unless I am at my fave coffee shop), but I turn on the Today Show.

It’s a full, two cups of coffee kinda day so I am easily distracted.

And who couldn’t be distracted by news of a “Divorce Candle????”

Yes, it’s true, Kathie Lee and Hoda speak of a new candle company with some more than interesting candle titles. It seems Flick Candles sniffs out the worst in life and flagrantly recreates it. The perfect juxtaposition of the worst in life, bottled in a jar with a pleasant new odor and a bright light to accompany it. A beacon outta the bad.

I surf their website. The relationship columnist in me is drawn to a few of their other nefarious monikers, such as:

“Smells Like an Affair” or perhaps “Gingerbread Broken Home” or “One Night Teakwood Stand” or “Retraining Order Ocean Breeze.”

Of course, Flick Candles doesn’t just ignite relationship bad, it’s the equal opportunity of life bad, with candles named…

“Cancelled Vacation” or “Crushing Debt” or “Dentist Office Waiting Room” or even, “Grandma’s Last Christmas.” Let’s hope Grandma has a good sense of humor.

I have to admit, I like it. You might say that I yearn to burn one.

These bad scents make ridiculously good sense to me.

You can check them out below on their website:

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