How Great Thou Part

It’s late and my phone lights up with a text. It’s a friend of mine who may or may not have had a fight with her wedding dress. It seems the dress lost. It’s now in a dump somewhere. And seed pearls now scattered, adorn the floor of her laundry room.

This is divorce.

The loss of those we love is unbearable. What compounds break-ups is this loss comes with the message that we are no longer wanted.

So there you have it: Two painful messages

1. You are losing me.
2. You mean nothing to me any longer.

We are left reeling. How could that be? How could you feel nothing for me? When did that happen? Weren’t you on that alter next to me? Don’t you remember that white dress I wore? Didn’t you promise me forever?

So there you have it. A toxic mix of loss and being discarded.

If you are one of the people who love us, we may not be articulating this well. We all deal with pain differently.

Some of us are crying, some of us are yelling, some of us are reacting, some of us are retreating.

And some of us are having a one woman battle with the dress that promised forever – and redecorating with seed pearls.

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