How Great Thou Part

Kindness has always been paramount in my life. In fact, I have lived by a personal mantra ever since I was a young girl: To treat every human being the same with kindness and respect. Of course, as a young teenager I may have failed a few times. However, as an adult I can sincerely say it is my life truth.

I believe that kindness is the most confident form of love. I also believe that it is a higher calling. It’s easy to be kind to the ones we love and surround ourselves with. It takes much more to live so fully outside of ourselves that we have the presence to positively impact the average human being.

Throughout my relationship troubles, I have been privileged to meet great kindness from those around me. Unfortunately, these types of troubles also stir up your life enough to recognize those who may be less kind. It was something I was willing to put up with when I was happier. Now I no longer listen to words, but I fully watch an individuals actions.

And I surround myself with the really spectacular people who love themselves so fully that they live a life of a higher calling.

The six attributes of truly kind people

Confidence – It takes great self-esteem to be able to show consistent kindness to all people. You have to feel really wonderful about yourself to extend that form of love.

Maturity – A grown up knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses to do the right thing because it’s the mature thing to do. They might feel tired, sick, stressed, worried, but instead they live outside of themselves enough to walk through their day not letting any of that overflow onto the people that they meet.

Spirituality – It is a core principle of faith to love one another and be good to our fellow man. Spirituality centers us through the worst of times and reminds us to do the right thing in relation to how we treat others.

Respect – It takes true respect to treat all individuals the same and believe we are no different from one another and therefore deserve kindness.

Empathy – Empathy allows us to feel deeply and have the understanding that we all deserve kindness. Empathy also allows us to feel the pain of others, including strangers.

Unselfishness – To be kind one has to be unselfish enough to believe others deserve kindness as much as they do.

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