How Great Thou Part

Okay, maybe I am watching too many Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies, but I’m starting to wish that something magical will happen this Christmas season.

The kind of fairy tale where you meet a stranger and they make a huge impact in your life or…

The long, complicated holiday journey home met with unexpected obstacles turned into best journey ever or…

Real life Santa helps you figure out your true purpose in life while simultaneously turning you into better person.

Yes, that’s what I am yearning for. The mixture of love and unexpected miracles.

It got me thinking about this unwanted and unexpected journey of divorce.

It seems most of these Hallmark and Lifetime fairy tales are built upon change. A trip here and there, a return to home, a new job, a family crisis, and more. These movies are about love turned around, sideways, upside down and back again.

As the credits roll, the love rises as the snow falls.

I realize that what I really crave, what I am really ready for is…

LOVE again.

I don’t mean meeting someone new. I mean just LOVE – sweet, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, miraculous LOVE.

I am ready to heal. I don’t want divorce to steal another bit of love from me and I’m not talking about my husband. I am talking about the day to day divorce process. The muddling through and how love drains exhaustedly from your home.

I want to live as I used to when love poured more frequently INTO my life than out of it. I want my own Hallmark movie. It’s not really that unrealistic. After all, the plot is always about love.


All I want for Christmas is LOVE! Sweet, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, miraculous LOVE! The kinda love that promises joy and unexpected miracles.
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