How Great Thou Part

I find a lot of doors closing for me. The truth is they have been closing for me for quite some time only I wouldn’t let them. I have done everything to stop it.

I have put my foot in the door.
I shove back.
I bang on them.

It’s hopeless. I need to finally surrender that my life is taking a new direction.

I need to realize that I have to listen to the slamming of these doors. The clanging, the locking and the harshness of it. If I don’t I am going to miss the new doors that God is opening because I am trying so hard to force my way back into the old ones.

I will miss those old doors. Many of them were gateways to great love, promise and happiness that I spent years indulging in.

I have to surrender though.

I can’t afford to miss the new door bells ringing my name.

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