How Great Thou Part

My phone lights up with a text.

“God’s morning to you,” says my friend. “Oops, that was auto correct. I typed 
Good morning to you.”

There are three of us in this group text. My other friend and I laugh and text back. We all agree that “God’s morning,” sounds better to us and will become our internal greeting.

The next day as we await our other friend we chat more about “God’s morning.”

“It sounds like an Irish greeting,” I say. “God’s morning to ya!”

“Maybe the phrase “good morning” has it’s origin in God to begin with,” says my friend.

This leads me to google the phrase which brings me to a bit of research by ‘etymologists.’ They are individuals that study the true meaning and value / origin of words.

It seems my friend is correct.

Dating back to the earliest of literature, it is agreed by some etymologists that the phrases “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” etc. have their origin in God. It is “May God be with you,” or “May God give you a good day.”

“God’s morning” to you all.

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