I’m a lousy fundraiser. We have a $1,500 fundraising obligation each year for our daughters’ day school, and every year we end up paying almost the whole thing out of pocket because I hate asking people for money. Even for something I believe in. (Thanks to bubbie for giving without my having to ask…)

But. Our really amazing Jewish day school, which is situated in a town of under 30,000 people (not Jews, PEOPLE), needs help. Not that much help, but just enough to close the budget gap for the year and earn $20,000 in challenge grants.

Do you believe that Jews in small communities deserve a high quality Jewish education? Did you ever wish there were more truly pluralistic day schools educating the next generation of Jewish leaders? Are you able to help one child’s family afford this kind of education?

Please watch this video. And consider it a personal ask from homeshuling to you. Even if we’ve never met. But if my blog has ever made a difference in your Jewish parenting life, and you would like a tax-deductible way to say thank you, this is it. (ps, this doesn’t count towards my fund-raising obligation – we’ve already paid that off.) There’s a link to contribute $36 on the homeshuling facebook page, and our school’s website.

Thanks. I promise I won’t ask again.