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OK, I admit I’m no Mayim Bialik. I’m no Anita Diamant. I’m not even a Marjorie Ingall. (Hi, Marjorie!) I am, in fact, an unknown blogger who gets a measly five thousand hits a month on my Jewish parenting blog …Read More

Please post your pics on the Homeshuling facebook fan page – I can’t wait to see where you’ve been dwelling. (It was so hot here, I actually put a fan in the sukkah.)  If you aren’t on facebook, but want …Read More

Living in a semi-rural New England community, you don’t see a lot of sukkahs with bamboo mats for roofs. We’re proud of our agriculture, and the abundance of gardens and farms. We’re not just locavores (or should I say locafressers), …Read More

Written for the October PJ Library enewsletter In this month’s PJ library selection, The Only One Club, a young girl discovers that she is the only Jewish child in her class after being asked by her teacher to help decorate the …Read More

   Thanks to my very talented big brother, Tom, for that one. Wishing you all an easy and meaningful fast.

Most sensible Jews (and all left-wing poultry) are opposed to kapparos, the High Holiday tradition of transferring one’s sins to a live chicken by twirling it over one’s head. I agree that it’s a practice that ought to be retired, or …Read More

       My most reflective moments this Rosh Hashanah did not take place in shul. They did not place during a holiday meal. They did not take place during tashlich at the park (although those were pretty good too,) …Read More

       When I named my blog “homeshuling”, my intention wasn’t to imply that synagogue isn’t important or can’t be meaningful. My goal was simply to show that Jewish life in the home is important and can be incredibly …Read More