kveller.pngOK, I admit I’m no Mayim Bialik. I’m no Anita Diamant. I’m not even a Marjorie Ingall. (Hi, Marjorie!) I am, in fact, an unknown blogger who gets a measly five thousand hits a month on my Jewish parenting blog on a website owned by fundamentalist Christians. So when kveller launched last week, with serious financial backing from UJA-Federation, I shouldn’t be surprised that they didn’t ask me to write, didn’t mention my blog *, and didn’t ask me to post a link to their site on Homeshuling. Either they have never heard of me, or I’m not cool enough for them. (And they’re right. I’m really not cool. At all.)

But you – you are totally cool enough! You should definitely go to right away, because there’s a lot of great stuff on this new website devoted to Jewish parenting. (Pardon me, “A Jewish Twist on Parenting.” That’s much cooler.) I’ve browsed the site, and except for a throwaway piece on Jewish bathtime and an article on nursery decor that was a little too Cookie for my taste, most of what I’ve read has been well written, informative and interesting.
I remember the days when about the only place to read about Jewish parenting on line was on Babycenter’s Jewish Families board. I think 97% of the posters were looking for permission to have a baby shower, and 2.9% were looking for permission not to fast on Yom Kippur. I’m sure all the Jewish parenting bloggers out there who aren’t part of kveller agree with me that more is better, period.
So check it out, and let me know what you think. I promise I won’t be offended if you like it better.
*thanks to Jennifer from Mamaland for pointing out that Homeshuling is actually listed in the blogroll. I’ll try to kvetch less and kvell more.
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