From another former Mosh-nik, David Sokal. Thanks, Judi, for the heads up about this worthy project. (Oh yeah Mosh, you look so good to me…..)
I sell a very special olive oil for Jews and anyone else who cares about peace and Israel: Peace Oil.
Read my Hanukkah web page at
Make sure to turn up your speakers to hear the hanukkah music. The music is part of a Flash presentation that appears at the top of the page. The whole idea behind the page is to show how olive oil is a link between Jews and Palestinians, between Judaism and Islam.
Explore the website to learn more about this one-of-a-kind project and product. Let me know what you
I have been selling Palestinian olive since Sept. 2006. I buy it from three fair trade groups two of which are Israelis working with Palestinian farmers. See
The third group, Canaan Fair Trade, is owned and operated by Palestinians in Jenin. They buy olive oil from 1700 West Bank farmers. They are now the largest exporter of Palestinian olive oil. See
There’s still time to order for Hanukkah (or for gifts for non-Hanukkah celebrating friends, family and co-workers).
Happy Hanukkah!

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