Let me start by saying that I love my in-laws. They are wonderful people who have been not only tolerant, but supportive, of our Jewish family. They send high holiday and Hanukkah cards, prepare vegetarian meals for us, and attend grandparent events at Ella’s Jewish Day School. They even offered to make a donation to her school this year.
With this in mind,  allow me to comment on our choice of holiday gifts for one another.
In Laws’ Hanukkah gift to me:

these long-burning jars provide hours of true fragrance enjoyment

My Christmas gift to them: soup.
Really. Three half-gallon containers of homemade soup. I’m making the chicken soup right now.
Jewish. Goyish. And never the twain shall meet.
(If you don’t already know the Lenny Bruce monologue by heart, you can read it here.)

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