December 2009 Archives

People are really jazzed up about the blue moon occurring on New Year’s Eve. What is a blue moon, you may ask (besides a song that was featured in the movie of Grease, but not the Broadway production?) It’s the …Read More

I’ve written before about my attempts to engender a sense of social responsibility in my daughters. We donate bags of food and clothes, as well as tzedakah money, to our local food bank, and they’ve helped distribute bags throughout the …Read More

red rabbi and his lulav My dear friend Danielle had a great idea for a blog post. As it happens, I’m not nearly creative enough to pull it off myself. The idea came from a conversation we were having this …Read More

For the first time ever, I’m going way for a long weekend. Without my kids. To learn Torah. I am so, so, totally excited. I’m going to Limmud NY, a “gathering, a festival, and a retreat from daily life. Over MLK weekend, …Read More

Let me start by saying that I love my in-laws. They are wonderful people who have been not only tolerant, but supportive, of our Jewish family. They send high holiday and Hanukkah cards, prepare vegetarian meals for us, and attend …Read More

From another former Mosh-nik, David Sokal. Thanks, Judi, for the heads up about this worthy project. (Oh yeah Mosh, you look so good to me…..) I sell a very special olive oil for Jews and anyone else who cares about …Read More

Thanks to my brother Tom for a guest post on Olive Oyl olive oil: My friend Mike is a connoisseur of olive oils. He can taste an olive oil and tell you the oil’s country of origin, the blend of olives …Read More

Every year, I spend a few weeks drooling over boxes of fancy-schmancy Hanukkah candles – you know, the beautiful beeswax, hand-dipped kind that don’t look like fruit-flavored twizzlers. I ruminate for a good long time over whether or not to …Read More

I blogged a few days ago about my friend’s decision to remove a Christmas tree from the school where she recently became principal. The letters to the editor in the local newspaper have been overwhelmingly nasty, and mostly not worthy …Read More