People are really jazzed up about the blue moon occurring on New Year’s Eve. What is a blue moon, you may ask (besides a song that was featured in the movie of Grease, but not the Broadway production?) It’s the second full moon in one month.

I must admit, this hullaballoo reminds me that I find the Gregorian calendar just, well, stupid. There’s not much about Judaism that strikes me as logical, but the calendar? Very much so. Marking months by the phases of the moon — new moon means a new month, full moon means the middle of a month, and once again, back to a new moon and a new month — is so darn grounding in its predictability.

If I were going to make a New Year’s resolution (and how can I do that with my head held high after deriding the Gregorian calendar??) it would be to start following the lunar cycle with my girls – going outside, looking at the moon, and recording what we see. Make a fuss over rosh chodesh. (Currently, I make hard-boiled eggs. Really.)

Stay tuned to see if I keep the resolution I’m not making for the holiday I’m not celebrating.

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year.

shaken, not stirred

shaken, not stirred

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